I welcome all visitors to my website from far and wide.

My name is Edoardo Crisafulli and I am eager to make new acquaintances, particularly people who share my ideals and/or my intellectual passions, or are willing to engage in a fruitful exchange of ideas.

I enjoy doing academic research and writing political essays, both in Italian and English. I started out my professional career as a researcher and teacher. While I was working abroad in the 1990s (Ireland, England, Saudi Arabia), I realized how much I loved travelling and meeting people from different cultures. I therefore decided to enter the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2001. I have been living abroad ever since. This type of life is in keeping with my personality: I am an Italian national but I grew up in a multilingual and multicultural family – my mother was Anglo-Irish; my father is half Sicilian (Crisafulli) and half Austro-Hungarian. I guess this explains why I cannot stand nationalism and abhor the pursuit of narrow-minded, parochial national interests. My background and upbringing have driven me towards democratic socialism. Equality, equal opportunities are meaningful concepts to me, even though I admit that times are changing so fast that we have to adapt traditional ideals to a new, ever-shifting reality. I have come to the conclusion that democracy thrives only in multicultural and open societies.

I am an agnostic and strongly believe that only a secular state may guarantee religious freedom to all. Yet I respect religious people, provided they are not fanatical. In fact, I am interested in debates about the role of religion in societies. I suppose this interest stems from the fact that both in my mother’s and father’s families Roman Catholics and Protestants co-existed, although arguments were frequent!

Every now and then I publish an academic article on translation studies, the area in which I specialized. But the driving impulse in much of what I write is political. I have a strong desire to fight, and argue, against what I perceive as being injustice. I have quoted from Martin Luther King and George Orwell, who are my role models. King advocated a non-violent, peaceful method of political struggle. Orwell, a diehard socialist, championed the cause of social justice in a free and democratic society -- the complete opposite of what the communists pursued and achieved in Soviet Russia. I am also an admirer of the late Italian socialist leader Bettino Craxi, who is unjustly demonized by a certain type of self-righteous left-wing intellectual.

I do not expect everyone to agree with me on every issue... I just hope my readers and friends will be willing to listen to my point of view.